Individual consultations

Marna Oettle; registered dietitian, MSc Physiol. Sciences

Marna provides nutrition therapy for the following conditions:

  • Emotional eating, binge eating & disordered eating
  • Irritable bowel syndrome & gut health
  • Plant-based nutrition

Number of consultations needed

The number of consultations that you will require will vary depending on factors such as your diagnosis and goals. However, a minimum of two sessions is required for effective assessment and planning to take place. For optimal results, a long-term supportive relationship is advisable.

Virtual consultations

All consultations can be conducted virtually (via Zoom / Microsoft Teams). No matter where you are, all you need is a good internet connection.

First consultation

During your first consultation (60 – 75 minutes), a comprehensive nutritional assessment will take place, and we will get to know each other. After discussing the goals that you want to achieve, I will develop a step-wise action plan based on your current lifestyle, goals and preferences.

Follow-up consultations

During follow up visits (40 – 50 minutes), we will continue the process of monitoring your progress and setting realistic goals together. If you are keeping a food diary, I will provide feedback and make recommendations. We will discuss relevant nutrition topics, such as flexibility, eating in social situations, label reading, meal planning, etc.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with me to book or for more information. Alternatively, send me an email ( I look forward to hearing from you!