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The Empowered Eating Academy is a self-paced online course based on my signature 4-step process – Reset, Reconnect, Restore, Renew – which I developed over years of working with women. This process has helped my clients to find food & body peace, while building lasting healthy habits that support their unique goals. 

The program consists of a comprehensive online course with >20 video lessons. After each lesson, you will be given a specific action item or worksheets to complete, to ensure that you implement what you have learned. You will also have access to hundreds of healthy recipes, some amazing bonus resources, and unlimited email support.

It takes roughly 10 – 12 weeks to complete this program, but you will have lifelong access to the content. You can take your time or refer back whenever you need to.

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Features of EEA

Online course

You will have lifelong access to the comprehensive online course, consisting of over 20 video lessons, as well as plenty of worksheets, recipe books & printable guidelines.

Unlimited support

You can contact me any time while completing the program, via email. I’ll be there to support and coach you every step of the way.

Bonus resources

You will also get access to three fantastic bonuses: the 10-Day Body Image Challenge, the “Reset Your Gut” Workbook AND 5 recipe books with delicious, nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes & treats.


What others are saying

"Through this program I've gone from restriction, binge eating, emotional eating & hating my body to enjoying food, nourishing myself and starting to accept my body and this would not have been possible without the unconditional 24/7 support from Marna."
Empowered client
"The program has changed my life and thinking about nutrition, myself and my body completely. I would never have thought that in 2 months I would be so content within myself and also be able to enjoy food and life - guilt free."
empowered client

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How much does it cost?

My aim is to make the program affordable and accessible to as many women as possible. The cost of the program is 55 Euro (R 995 at the current exchange rate). This includes lifelong access to the online portal, access to bonus content, and unlimited email support.

What do I need to do to get started?

To apply, all you need to do is to enroll by clicking the button below. After you have made your payment, you will have full, lifelong access to the course materials!


Most frequent questions and answers

Through building permanent healthy habits and learning to listen to your body, you will naturally gravitate towards your healthiest, set point weight. However,  please remember that if you have been dieting, it may take time for your metabolism to recover. For this reason, I encourage you to focus on your overall health, not your weight. Your weight will naturally adjust over time.

You are free to take your time with the program. You have lifelong access to all of the course materials, so there is no rush. To complete the program in 10 weeks, you would need to put aside around 1 hour per week to watch the videos and do the worksheets / action items. You will apply what you have learned as you go through your week, and it shouldn’t take any extra time.

If you are not happy with the program, or with your results by the end of the program, I will refund you in full – no questions asked. You can have every cent back.

I understand if you have this fear, especially after years of trying and “failing” at diets and lifestyle programs. But I want to reassure you that this program is not like any program that you’ve tried before. There are no lists of food to avoid, no rigid meal plans, no food rules. I also want to remind you that setbacks are normal. Instead of viewing them as failures, use them as opportunities to learn. In this way, you can continue to move forward and make progress.

You can enroll at any time, as this is a self-paced online program. Once you have enrolled, you can start right away. 

Marna Oettle; RD (BSc Med Hons Nutrition & Dietetics; BSc Psych., MSc Physiol. Sciences)

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