Your food freedom journey starts here...

I’m Marna – online dietitian and food freedom expert, with a background in Psychology. Welcome, and thank you for visiting!  

I help women to overcome emotional eating, binge eating and overeating with my 4-step food freedom framework. I firmly believe that a healthy body is body starts with a healthy relationship with food, and that lifestyle change is easy once you have achieved this.

I also have a special interest in working with  gut health and IBS management, and have additional training in these fields. This helps me to provide a holistic service to my clients. 

The Empowered Eating Academy

The Empowered Eating Academy is an online program that has been designed to help women to break free from overeating or binge eating, and to build sustainable healthy habits. It takes 10 weeks to complete and involves an online course, 1:1 virtual consultations and unlimited support.

Individual consultations

Let’s work together to discover your unique roadblocks that are holding you back on your health & wellness journey. 1:1 consultations can be held over a secure online platform. 


Client Testimonial

"Working with Marna has been a revelation. With her positive, gentle support I can now navigate my life without fear of losing control with food."

E.N., Happy Client