About the RD

Marna is a registered dietitian who provides evidence-based, individualized support to her clients. She teaches her clients how to eat in a way that is flexible, enjoyable, and in line with their unique goals.

Areas of expertise

Marna has worked with a variety of health-related conditions, but specializes in the following areas:

  • Emotional eating, binge eating and disordered eating
  • Gastro-intestinal disorders & gut health
  • Preventative nutrition & chronic disease management
  • Plant-based nutrition

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Marna holds the following University qualifications:

  • BSc (Med) (Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics – University of Cape Town
  • MSc Physiological Sciences – University of Stellenbosch
  • BSc Human Life Sciences (Biology with Psychology) – University of Stellenbosch
  • BSc (Hons) Physiological Sciences – University of Stellenbosch

Marna is a member of the following professional boards:

  • Health Professionals Council of South Africa (DT0049956)
  • CORU – Regulating Health and Social Care Professionals in Ireland (D1042846)
  • Board of Health Care Funders of South Africa (0724831)
  • Association of Dietitians South Africa

Marna has attended the following additional courses:

  • Minding the Food Space: Treating the Emotional Eater (module 1 – 6)
  • EatFit Gut Health and the Microbiome
  • CDE Diabetes Accreditation: Entry Level Course
  • CDE Optifast training
  • The Kidney RD: Plant-based diets for CKD and ESRD


'I feel confident around food again. I don't lose control anymore, not even with chocolate.'
'Working with Marna has been an empowering and liberating experience.'
Marina Page
'Marna has taught me how to work with my body instead of against it. This changed my life.'
Michelle Wheeldon